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Who am I? I'd love to woo you with some dashing story, but the reality is I'm simply a husband, father, and all around Renaissance man who loves photography, exquisite necktie knots, and the occasional off-color joke.

How did I become interested in photography?

Well, it all started back when I was a kid. My dad owned a 35mm Canon that he would never let me touch. I mean he guarded it with his very life and NEVER let me even get close to it. The years went on and every time I would ask, it was always the same answer. Fast forward several years, I'm a senior in high school and continue to plead. My dad finally thought about my request and challenged me that if I brought him an awesome report card, that not only would he let me touch it, but he would GIVE the camera to me. Needless to say, I brought home stellar grades, and he looked at me and smiled and gave me the camera. I felt the weight of it in my hands and I have had a camera in my palms every since.

By the way, I do still have that 35mm Canon. I can't bear to let it go...

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